The Evolution of UNFAZED

I wanted my first blog to be an in-depth breakdown of how and more importantly why I started my brand UNFAZED. First and foremost, I was tired of seeing "streetwear" or "lifestyle" brands that people were wearing that had no substance or didn’t know what the brand really meant. Here's a quick example of what I mean. My #1 favorite brand is Nike, but I'm pretty sure 99% who wear Nike don't know that it means "Greek Goddess of Victory." I personally know that because I care about what I wear because Im conscious of not wearing anything that could potentially mean anything negative. Now most of those Nike wearing customers probably don't care what it means, which is totally understandable, but my thoughts were why not wear something that still looks dope AND represents something positive. I could give you a thousand other examples, but that one is from one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Although Nike doesn’t really fit into the “streetwear” or “lifestyle” conversation in anymore, it’s a brand that people wear and have no idea what it means.  

After I noticed there were no "streetwear" or "lifestyle" brands that represented positivity or really meant anything significant, I thought about what’s an important factor that leads to success (which I will get to later). Over the years, I have done hundreds of hours of research of brands that have had success in the same industry and even successful entrepreneurs in other fields. There were a lot of things that intrigued me of how they became successful, and it ranges from it happened on accident (not expecting to their company to take off from just being a hobby), all the way to just grinding out through the tough times for years. But one thing I learned from the successful entrepreneurs came from watching every episode of Shark Tank, lol, and it was simple, IDENTIFY A PROBLEM, AND FIND A SOLUTION. I didn’t catch on to that simple statement until I was months into starting UNFAZED. Once I really dove deep into that statement, I knew I was in good shape with my brand because I’ve identified a “problem” that there aren’t really any brands that mean anything in terms of the name or it’s core values, and the solution of course, was to start one, which lead me to UNFAZED. One day I will talk about how I chose UNFAZED because that was not my first choice and I am happy it worked out the way it did. I honestly believe everything happens for a reason.

The next thing I thought about when starting the brand was ask myself, "What do all successful entrepreneurs have in common?" There is one common denominator and that is the ability to be UNFAZED. Anyone that you may look up to or consider successful made it to that point by being UNFAZED, because tough times or adversity always strikes when you are on the road to success. Once you face adversity, you have two choices: give up or find a solution no matter how long it takes or how hard it is. This mindset truly relates to 99% of anyone you would consider successful, no matter if it was Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Nipsey Hussle, etc. Those three names are pretty different examples, and if you don't know all of them, I recommend you look them up (most of you should know the first two).

The #1 thing that I love most about my brand is that it’s relatable to any and everyone. I didn't want my brand to fit just a certain race or demographic. I wanted it to reach as many people as possible and that way it would make the biggest impact. UNFAZED without a doubt relates to anyone and the easiest way know if it relates to you personally, is ask yourself if you ever faced adversity and made it out successful? If the answer was yes, congrats you are part of the UNFAZED brand. I love that UNFAZED resonates to all types of people and more importantly can make a positive impact on how people live their lives.

I believe that UNFAZED is really unlike any other brand out right now because it fits into many categories, whether it’s the streetwear or lifestyle style industry, it also be seen as motivational. There are a couple more lanes that UNFAZED can and will fit in down the road and I can’t wait until that day comes. But for now I am excited for what 2019 holds for the brand and the believers that will be a part of this ride. And just to be clear, UNFAZED is not just about selling apparel or products, it’s a mindset that no matter what obstacles you encounter, you know you will achieve success or overcoming adversity. I want people to live their life everyday thinking about being UNFAZED because if you do, you will live a better life and not allow things to prevent you from being the GOAT version of yourself. In the world we live in today there are so many negative things going on that can alter your road to happiness but if you focus on being UNFAZED, I guarantee you will come out successful more often than not.



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