About us

Mission Statement:

We aim to be the most impactful inclusive streetwear and athleisure brand and be the reason why individuals of the UNFAZED community tap into their ability to become the best version of themselves.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to be the most respected athleisure and streetwear Global brand because of our passion to create the best possible products, with the best possible service for our customers.



UNFAZED is a unique streetwear/athleisure brand that focuses on empowering all human beings to be their best as often as possible by having a strong, powerful mindset when adversity arises. At UNFAZED we pride ourselves on not just being looked at as a “clothing brand”, but a brand that fits into many different categories. We are consciously committed to being a brand that people feel proud to wear because it gives them the motivation that they can maximize their potential with an UNFAZED mindset, as well as building a strong knit community that goes way beyond apparel. We are 100% inclusive and we embrace diversity. We welcome any and everyone to join our movement, or get left behind...the choice is yours!!



The tetrahedron triangle logo represents consistency and toughness . It is consistent because all of the sides are the same and mirror each other in its shape (no matter what angle you look at it from). When you think of being UNFAZED, you should think of consistency because you are at your best when you do something consistently. And the logo represents toughness because when we see someone fall repeatedly and continuously get up, we see that as toughness. This concept relates to our logo, because no matter how it is thrown, dropped, tossed, etc. it is still facing upright. It is intentionally facing downward, but as soon as it reaches a level surface it will end up facing upward which is the way it is intended to be. It is impossible to be facing any other way. If you want to be UNFAZED, you need to be consistent and tough despite how life throws you around because that is the only way to be successful or survive in this world!



Whatever you do in your life, BE INTENTIONAL. Being UNFAZED is not something that just happens. It requires you to think about what you do, when you do it, and how you do things in order to be successful or achieve a certain result. To BE INTENTIONAL means you do things deliberately, with the purpose to carry out a mission. You have to be able to set a goal, develop a plan, take action to actually “start”, build accountability, and never quit. If you can BE INTENTIONAL in everything you do, it will lead to being UNFAZED and you will be unstoppable.